Swiss Trio
  Midori Dumermuth  
Paul Haemig       Norbert Calame

The internationally known soloists play programs with light classics from Mozart, Schubert, Midori, de Falla and on request Swiss Folklore. Particularly popular are the mixed programs of the Swiss Trio for dinner concerts and gala evenings. The Swiss Trio performed with great success in Europe, as well as oversea: Colombo, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney, Fiji, Tonga etc.

Repertory: Haydn, Mozart, Carulli, Paganini, Bizet, Ibert, de Falla etc.

Etwas von Carulli hören

Swiss Trio with violine
  Anne-Cathrine Vonaesch  

. . . is a versatile formation with flute, guitar, vioine and more. The varied program contains works of classical music and folklore. An entertainment program with keybord and solo dance is available upon request. The internationally renowned trio has enjoyed great success with concert performances throughout Europe, USA, Japan, Hong Kong and China. Recordings on CD and cassette as well as radio and TV appearances confirm the exceptional ability of the group.

Repertory: Mozart, Schubert, Midori, de Falla, Bizet, Paganini